Aztec Warrior Foundation fights to keep SDSU’s Aztec Warrior mascot

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego State University announced the next step in developing its new Aztec iconography in June but the Aztec Warrior Foundation says it will continue its efforts to save the SDSU Aztec Warrior mascot.

SDSU retired the use of pre-2018 references to the Aztec Warrior as a mascot and in June President de la Torre’s announced the university is also now retiring the Aztec spirit leader, and are retiring warrior-related imagery related to the human representation.

The university said in the letter that they have, “plans to engage faculty, staff, students, alumni representatives and members of our Native and Indigenous communities over a year-long process, work is now underway to develop recommendations for new “iconography,” or images — such as artwork, symbols and other visual elements — that will amplify and align with our university’s Aztec identity.”

The Aztec Warrior Foundation said removing human representation goes against President de la Torre’s original support for Interim President Sally Roush’s decision to keep the Aztec Warrior and the 2018 Aztec Identity Task Force Report.

“Her decision to reverse course on the open and transparent process established under her predecessors left the Aztec Warrior Foundation no option except to reorganize,” stated AWF member, Patrick Batten. “We are prepared to fight to restore the Aztec Warrior as an ambassador and spirit leader for San Diego State University that appropriately honors the rich culture and heritage of the Aztecs.”

Former Aztec Warrior mascot, Carlos Gutierrez, joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss the new efforts to keep the human representation of Aztecs as part of SDSU iconography.

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