Baby born on side of freeway is safe and sound


Aubrianne and Eric Scheldts knew they needed to get to the hospital and that 20 minutes should be enough time. But their unborn daughter was apparently on a different timeline, so Aubrianne had to deliver her first child right on the side of the freeway. Meet baby Iona. Mom Aubrianne and dad Eric are all smiles, but that wasn't the case earlier in the morning. The 9.2 pound bundle of joy came into the world full of surprises.
“The moment her water broke, it was about 5 AM,” recounted new father Eric, “and we knew we had to get into the hospital quickly.”
So after gathering their things, they left their house in Encinitas headed for Scripps Memorial in La Jolla, but their plan quickly changed.
“I think around Del Mar, she's like 'oh my God, the head is coming! The head is coming out right now!'”
Baby Iona wasn't going to wait and mom knew it.
“I knew I had to just mind-over-matter and just do it, because this baby was coming and you got to hold onto this baby while you're going down the freeway,” said mother Aubrianne.
Eric pulled over near the Carmel Valley exit. He called 9-1-1, just as the baby was arriving.
“I basically reached in pulled the baby down gently, and she was in my arms all of a sudden – I don't know, it just kind of magically happened,” said Eric.
The Scheldts had a towel in the car and were able to wrap baby Iona up and hear the sweet sounds of a healthy cry. Rather than wait for help to arrive. They headed straight for the hospital.
“I had her in my left arm and cradling her while driving with my right arm. My shirt was soaked.”
Once the couple made it to the hospital, they say it didn't take long for the staff to jump in and help.
“There was a security guard in front of the emergency room door, and he just kind of looked in the car and said 'one second' really fast and just took off.”
With all the commotion, Aubrianne didn't get to actually see little Iona until she was placed on a stretcher, but she says she's glad dad and daughter bonded first.
“I was glad that he was able to catch her and they had that intimate moment.”
As for having more kids:
“Just maybe one more after this, maybe a little less exciting birth,” said Eric. 
Hopefully, next time Eric and Aubrianne make it to the hospital. The couple of almost six years says aside from the birth, the pregnancy was very normal and the hospital reports that both mom and baby are doing very well.


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