‘Baby Doe’ identified; mother and her boyfriend arrested

MASSACHUSETTS (KUSI) – The little girl found dead along the shore in Massachusetts has been identified and the people she trusted to keep her safe have been arrested for her murder.

Her big brown eyes, long brown hair and chubby cheeks stole the nation’s heart.

And a video, posted on Facebook shows a happier time with her mother. 

But when her body was discovered, in a trash bag along a beach near Boston last June, investigators referred to her only as Baby Doe.

But after nearly three months, a tip lead to a break in the case.

She has been identified as Bella Bond.

Her mother, Rachelle Bond, along with her mother’s boyfriend, Michael McCarthy, have been arrested.

"We allege that McCarthy caused Bella’s death. That he did so intentionally. That he and Bond took specific steps to keep Bella’s death a secret and to avoid prosecution," said Daniel Conley, Suffolk County District Attorney.

Police said Michael McCarthy is now Bella’s biological father.

The girl’s mother was investigated by the Department of Children and Families, but that case was closed in 2013. 

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