Baby-selling defendant gets 10 months additional custody for illegal puppy mill

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Carla Chambers, convicted in 2012 for her role in a baby-selling ring, was sentenced Tuesday to an additional ten months’ custody and 26 months of supervised release due to thirteen separate violations of her supervised release. 

Most of these violations stemmed from an illegal puppy breeding business that Chambers was running from her Las Vegas residence.

These violations were brought to the attention of law enforcement after several individuals reported that puppies sold by Chambers died shortly after they were purchased of either parvo, giardia, or both.

At Tuesday’s hearing, U.S. District Judge Anthony J. Battaglia called Chambers’ actions “abhorrent” and told her that she “led a life with utter disrespect for the law.”

Chambers’ 2012 conviction arose out of her participation in a conspiracy in which she and her co-conspirators used numerous Gestational Carriers (GCs) to create an inventory of unborn babies that they would sell for over $100,000 each.

They accomplished this by sending women to become implanted with embryos in overseas clinics. If the women (now GCs) sustained their pregnancies into the second trimester, the conspirators offered the babies to prospective parents by falsely representing that the unborn babies were the result of legitimate surrogacy arrangements in which the original Intended Parents (IPs) had backed out. 

The conspirators also drafted fraudulent “assumption agreements” for the prospective parents to sign, which reinforced the lie that original IPs existed but had simply backed out. 

Judge Battaglia additionally ordered that Chambers pay the remainder of the $24,000 of restitution ordered in the initial case within 90 days of release from federal custody. Chambers was remanded immediately to the custody of the U.S. Marshals.  

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