Baby sign language class hit by park permit fee from City of San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The coronavirus pandemic has forced many business owners to change the way that they operate. Now, it’s become public parks that have become the place for all kinds of activities, exercise classes, and church services.

However, recently local business owner, Monta Briant, has come forward saying that the city of San Diego is making it even tougher for her to run her business.

Briant is the owner of Baby Garten Studio, an organization that teaches babies how to use sign language. KUSI’s Sasha Foo went over to watch one of these classes being held from the grounds a San Diego park. While she was there, she spoke with Moms’ Eva Denny and Lisa Rosenfelt about their fears now that Briant’s sign language class is being threatened. Watch the video above for more.



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