Bad to worse: Poway DMV experiencing 5 hour wait times

POWAY (KUSI) — It’s the stuff of legend. Everyone has a horror story about dealing with the California D.M.V. But things have gone from bad to worse, especially in Poway.

“This is ridiculous. I got here at 6:30 in the morning and it’s now 12:20. What is the matter with this place,” said Dan Moroney.

“I was here last week at about 11:00 in the morning. The lady came out and said I was too late, I should go home. So I’m here today and it’s been seven hours,” Moroney said.

Like Dan, thousands of people are wondering why the really bad waiting lines have gotten even worse. There is an answer, sort of.

You see, the new year brought a new computer system over at the California D.M.V. Starting on January first, all that paperwork has to be entered into a “computer,” BY YOU.

Not the D.M.V.

Until now, workers at the D.M.V. would take your old-school paperwork, and enter that information into the computer. That task has now been transferred to all of us. You’d think it might make things faster, but it’s not.

“I was told to go into the computer room, then I finished that. Then they told me to stand on a red carpet. Then another red carpet. They are definitely understaffed and very disorganized,” said Pauline Fabian.

Lot’s of frustration. Lot’s of anger. Lot’s of finger pointing, especially at Sacremento.

“I think it’s the Government at it’s best. They do nothing,” said Michael Virgil.

Ironically, these longer waiting lines are happening at a time when all of us are paying more than ever at the D.M.V.

The new “tax” went into effect on January first. A minimum of $25, maximum of $175, depending on your car. So we’re all paying record rates, with record long lines.

But there’s a light at the end of this tunnel, and it’s not a train.

By the end of summer, The D.M.V. will upgrade the new system, and all that paper/computer work can be done on your home computer. Now that will save time.

Until then, painful stuff. If patience is a virtue, then it’s time to be virtuous.

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