Bail set in attempted child kidnapping case at $2.5 million

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The man accused of trying to kidnap a 7-year-old girl from a Solana Beach elementary school on March 23 could be set free.

A judge in Vista has set bail at $2.5 million for Jack Doshay.

Unless this is a case involving the death penalty, every defendant in the justice system is entitled to bail, but the critical question here is what would be an appropriate amount for Doshay, considering the serious charges he’s facing and the other factors that might make him a flight risk.

The the 22-year-old man who may soon be released on bail to a locked down psychiatric facility .

At the hearing to decide his bail, the DA and his defense attorney sparred over the conditions for his release.

Prosecutor Ryan Saunders asked for very high bail, $25 million.

He argued that Doshay is a danger to the community as he laid out more details about the attempted abduction and the evidence against him, including lab results that show Doshay’s DNA was on the packing tape used to subdue the victim.

“The defendant’s DNA was in fact on the tape that was recovered from the little girl’s face,” Saunders said.

The Deputy DA also insisted that Doshay, the son of a wealthy family from Fairbanks Ranch, could be a flight risk.

He told the court that the family is not cooperating with the investigation.

But Defense Attorney Paul Pfingst countered by asking for a bail of $1 million.

He said his client would be released under strict conditions, to a locked down psychiatric facility and required to wear a GPS monitoring device.

Doshay would also give up his passport.

The judge agreed to those conditions, but set bail at a higher amount, $2.5 million.

Reporters asked Doshay’s defense attorney about how soon he might make bail.

“I’m going to meet with my client’s parents. I’m not sure what their decisions are going to be, yet we should know by tomorrow,” Pfingst said.

On the advice of their attorney, Doshay’s parents chose not to attend the bail hearing.

Pfingst said they’ve been attacked by ugly, poisonous, anti-Semitic comments on social media and he thought it best for them if they remain out of the public eye.

The defense attorney also took issue with the prosecutor’s claim that the family has not been cooperative.

He called that assertion a mischaracterization and a smear on the family’s reputation.

The conditions for Doshay’s release are clear: if Doshay violates any of them, he’ll have to go back to jail.

His preliminary hearing is set for the end of May.

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