Banding Together is using music to help children with autism

Banding Together is a 501c3 that provides music opportunities to individuals with special needs, such as autism.

They accomplish this through providing free music therapy programs and scholarships to the special needs community.

Banding Together provides 6-month scholarships for music therapy or adapted lessons and camp scholarships for individuals with special needs.

To date they have awarded 144 scholarships totaling $86, 686. Scholarships are awarded twice a year (February and August).

One of the most popular programs is the Jam Session program. Several characteristics make this program an innovative, unique and effective program having multiple tangible benefits for the community.

The use of a “rock band” format to target social skills, a standardized approach, mentors, and the motivation level of participants are some of the things that make it distinctive.

They currently hold 56 Jam Sessions per school year (in 4 locations) and have held a total of 167 to date.

Additionally, 297 volunteer mentors have been trained. This program has attracted the interest of national acts such as Michael Franti, Olympic gold medalist Shaun White, and Grammy award winners Jason Mraz and Ziggy Marley.


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