Barcoo creates own “pro day” after Covid-19 cancellations

Despite leading college football in interceptions in 2019, Aztecs cornerback Luq Barcoo was not a part of the NFL Combine in 2020.

A problem for Barcoo, but not the endgame. SDSU’s Pro Day, where he could showcase himself to tens of teams, was set for March 28. Then they’d see the speed that couldn’t be seen on tape, the hands that batted down passes all year, the will that got him from picking up rides to go to Grossmont College all the way to professional football’s doorstep.

But then another problem. March 12 arrived, and with it the cancellations. Suddenly, Pro Day was no more.

Leave it to a crafty corner from the South Bay to take another route. A small group of friends and coaches gathering this week to Barcoo could have his own pro day at El Toyon Park.

“I made the best of it,” Barcoo said. “Before I saw anyone else doing it, as soon as they cancelled, we pulled the resources together and started doing it.”

I would post on my [Instagram] stories ‘Who has this? Who has that?’ And then people would help out.”

Save for the handful of measurements, social distance was observed. Cameras were kept at a distance as much as possible. Hands were washed. Gloves were used.

But some still feared, even those close to Barcoo.

“My mom was worried about me being out there and getting sick,” Barcoo said. “[I told her] I had to take a risk and get it done because it’s important to my future success.”

Right now Barcoo is projected as a late round pick.

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