Barrio Logan Buffer Zone battle continues

ALLIED GARDENS – You could say Kevin Faulconer is running two campaigns these days. One for mayor, the other to save jobs near the shipyards. Speaking to me from a petition table in front of a grocery store, he makes the cost clear: “Tens of thousands of jobs are located on our working water front.”

Faulconer and the shipping industry are trying to undo what the city council voted for – not once, but twice.

“Council made the wrong vote a couple of weeks ago, when it put these jobs in jeopardy with the Barrio Logan community plan update.”

The so-called update is designed to improve living conditions in Barrio Logan. To do that, some of the business and industry would be forced to move out– and affordable housing would be built in it's place.

“Thousands of working families rely on these jobs, we should be doing everything we can to protect these jobs, and not put these jobs in jeopardy.”

In order to get around the council's votes, he's taking it right to the people. Not one, but two petitions that would put this issue on the ballot.

“They both have to be changed,” says Kevin, “and I'm confident they will.”

If do they get enough signatures to put this on the ballot, the Council has to make another decision. They can reverse their original plan – or they can let the voters decide, once and for all.

Dan Plante

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