Barry Bahrami operates community supported San Diego Web Cams, capturing live events 24/7

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Webcams are an easy way to check out some of the local hotspots around San Diego, and one of the most popular channels, is San Diego Web Cam.

You may recognize the shots from KUSI’s broadcast, but these cameras are not owned and operated by the City of San Diego.

Barry Bahrami founded San Diego Web Cam, and operates all of them himself. He loves San Diego and his goal is to share the beauty of America’s Finest City with anyone who wishes to watch.

He has a series of cameras streaming 24/7 on his YouTube channel, and he shares clips of the excitement they capture to various platforms as @SanDiegoWebCam and a visit to will redirect you directly to the YouTube channel.

Bahrami didn’t set up these webcams to make money, but he does ask community members to sign up for a .99 cent monthly donation to help with the operating costs.

He explained how he got started on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego.

San Diego Web Cam’s YouTube channel can be found here.

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