Beaches reopened for surfing, swimming starting Monday

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The long, painful wait is almost over. After more than a month of closing off the coastline to all of humanity, the Ocean will be open again this Monday.

“This changes everything. We’ve been deprived of so many things and it’s been hard. I feel better already just knowing it’s going to happen,” Pacific Beach local, Will Nestor, said.

At sunrise Monday morning, surfers will surf again, joggers will jog again and the most precious resource of all will be returned to the people of San Diego.

“Well I know it’s going to be crowded for sure. I’m just stoked to paddle out somewhere. For the first time in a while surfing is not a crime,” Nestor said.

The much awaited announcement came on Friday, when the County Health Officer lifted the very strict regulations along the coastline. Now it’s up to the individual cities to develop their own set of rules moving ahead.

Shortly after the word got out, the Mayor of San Diego confirmed the news. Starting Monday morning, the ocean is open for surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, snorkeling and kayaking. The beach itself is open for running, jogging and biking.

It’s still a big NO for beach chairs, blankets and lounging in the sand. It’s also a big NO for organized sports like volleyball, soccer and other beach games.

But this is big. A big first step out of the coastal lock down. And if we don’t blow it, this will lead to something even bigger. Can’t wait till Monday!

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