Bebe Le Strange playing at the San Diego County Fair tonight

Bebe Le Strange played their hearts out  on Good Morning San Diego to promote their upcoming show at 8:30 Sunday night at the San Diego County Fair.

Bebe Le Strange is an authentic tribute to the incredible repertoire of music created by Seattle’s own HEART, featuring Ann & Nancy Wilson. Based in Los Angeles, California, Bebe Le Strange’s spot-on re-creation of the music of Heart will take you on a journey through the decades of Heart’s music…from the beginning of their hard rock hits and memorable ballads of the 70’s through their chart-breaking hits of the 80’s.

Fronting Bebe Le Strange is Dyna Shirasaki as Ann Wilson. Dyna’s vocal tone and professional, seasoned stage presence instantly connects her with the fans by representing all the vocal and visual nuances Heart is known for. You will be mesmerized by her conviction, tone, and performance.

Guitar virtuoso, Tina Wood, performs the role of the incredibly talented Nancy Wilson. Her beautiful voice and tone, her electrifying stage presence, and her precise and passionate acoustic and electric guitar playing, doesn’t get much closer to the real thing.

Dyna and Tina represent the total package of what Heart is known for, and they are one of the closest combinations of women to re-create Heart’s vocal tone and presentation out there. Supported by a band consisting of some of LA’s top professional musicians who precisely reproduces the sound, tone and feel of the music, Bebe Le Strange is set to become one of the top of the “A” list Heart tributes in the country.

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