Bees attack dogs in backyard of South Bay home

CHULA VISTA (CNS) – A large swarm of bees attacked three dogs in the
backyard of a South Bay home Tuesday, killing at least one of them.

A woman who lives at the house in the 1600 block of Ocala Avenue in
Chula Vista reported the swarming bees about 1 p.m., Deputy Fire Chief Jim
Garcia said.

The resident told arriving emergency crews she had been stung several
times but did not require medical treatment. Her dogs had suffered numerous bee
stings, according to Garcia.

At least one of the canines received a lethal amount of venom from the
swarming insects.

“Three of our dogs were transported to the veterinarian, and we know
one of them (has) already perished,” homeowner Karen Cunningham said. “The
other two are (in) very, very bad (shape). So we might lose all three of

A private extermination company was called in to kill the bees and
remove their hive.

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