Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday falls Small Business Saturday

SAN DIEGO – As the Big Box stores raked in the cash this Black Friday weekend, small businesses fought back with Small Business Saturday, to laud the economic contributions made by brick and mortar, mom-and-pop businesses.

Small businesses like the Clairemont Surf Shop, which has been hanging-ten in Clairemont since 1976, owned by Steve O'Connell the entire time. And what do they offer that bigger stores do not?

“Customer satisfaction is a big thing,” says employee Jeremy Belgau. “Our employees are just a lot nicer from the time you walk in the door. All our employees are really good surfers too and can help you get just what you need to go surfing.”

“And it's just a completely different buying experience,” says Leyla Chavez, owner of So Childish, a boutique toy store in South Park. “You don't have to deal with the crowds and the chaos of going to the mall.”

Like the chaos that broke out at a Walmart near Atlanta, where shoppers lunged at $49 tablets being rolled out on a pallet, turning the crowded shopping center into a near-riot.

There was no chaos in North Park as Interim Mayor Todd Gloria formally announced Small Business Saturday there in front of family-owned home furnishing shop Pigment. “I'm walking the walk here because this tie was hand-made by Lord Wallington on Texas Street, and these pants were tailored by L&A Tailoring on University, so if you like my look today, you can get it right here in North Park 365 days a year.”

Mayoral candidate David Alvarez also walked the walk and talked the talk concerning small businesses as he bought gifts for his family at So Childish. “It's important to remember that our small businesses really keep our economy going. Obviously everybody's hearing about the big Black Friday sales and all that with national retailers, but it's really the local mom-and-pop shops that really keep our economy thriving, and so we're just supporting them and making sure that everybody comes out and supports all the local businesses.”

And it's paying off – so far this year small businesses have experienced a 4% increase in their net profit margins.


John Soderman

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