Biden pushes vaccination of children 5 years and older

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Biden received his fifth COVID vaccination this last week, giving him an opportunity to once again address and promote national vaccination to the public.

This comes immediately after the CDC announced it’s addition of the vaccine to the childhood vaccination schedules, so many found it unsurprising that Biden took the opportunity to voice his support of childhood vaccination for those over the age of 5.

Emergency Medicine and Disaster Specialist Dr. Kelly Victory has opposed the COVID-19 vaccine from the beginning. She has warned KUSI viewers in the past that putting a vaccine on the childhood vaccination schedule assigns companies that produce it immunity from lawsuits that stem from adverse affects. The vaccine does not prevent the infection or the spread of the virus, and will likely become a yearly immune boosting supplement similar to the flu shot.

Dr. Victory joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy to discuss the politicization of vaccination and how the agenda could harm young populations.

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