Biden to consider a gas tax holiday

DELAWARE (KUSI) – President Joe Biden announced Monday that he is looking into declaring a federal holiday to suspend the gas tax.

The proposal could alleviate consumers up to 18.4 cents a gallon, for one day only. Biden’s proposal, which isn’t even official, doesn’t seem like it is as beneficial as it could be.

The proposed holiday comes in the wake of the continuing raise in gas prices nationwide, with most of the country seeing record high prices.

In San Diego County, the average gas price is $6.34 a gallon.

Proposals of how to help the American people with the climbing gas prices are increasing on both sides of the isle. Many having already proposed suspending the gas tax before hand.

CA Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R), 6th Assembly District, who has been vocal about the undue gas prices had this to say following Biden’s announcement.

Kiley has proposed to suspend the statewide gas tax before, however, the Democrat led Assembly has voted down his proposal multiple times.


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