Big Pig on Campus: Week 7

University City VS Point Loma


The Cox Communication game of the week is University City taking on Point Loma. Here are your four choices for the week 7 Big Pig On Campus.

Using your best “HOG HUNCH”, who of these four will have the best game?

Candidate number one is a wide receiver from University City, Casey Granfors.

Candidate number two is Point Loma’s wide receiver JL Skinner.

Candidate number three is Christian Hall, a running back from Point Loma.

And last, but certainly not least is University City’s running back, Elonie Rico.

If you guess accurately, you will be eligible to win fabulous PPR gear and front row seats to the December 4th Silver Pigskin Gala aboard the USS Midway.

The week 7 Big Pig on Campus winner will be announced Friday night on the Prep Pigskin Report, see you then!


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