Big solar farm runs into small town opposition in Jacumba Hot Springs

JACUMBA HOT SPRINGS (KUSI) – A proposed 623-acre solar project in Jacumba Hot Springs plans to bring more renewable energy to San Diego.

But many Jacumba residents say the the project is too big and could potentially make their town an industrial area.

Local historian, author, Jacumba homeowner, and Chair of the Jacumba Sponsor Group, Cherry Diefenbach, joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes to explain why her town is fighting this project.

The big solar farm would be about six times the size of Jacumba itself and the biggest project permitted anywhere in San Diego County, Diefenbach said.

She emphasized that her group is not against this project, just the project’s placement and size.

Jacumba residents want to work with developers of this project to reach a resolution together, Diefenbach said, adding that Jacumba would support a project of about 300 acres instead of 623.

The project would be placed on the best land in Jacumba, Diefenbach said, adding that the land could instead be used for projects such as low-income housing, other residential projects, or agricultural use.

“We think that this project could be modified to find a balance between our town and green energy, and that’s what we’re seeking,” Diefenbach said.

Jacumba has actually supported a solar project in the past, Jacumba Solar.

“We’re not against green energy. You know, green energy is the way of the future. We just want to have a future for our town as well,” she said.

To send a comment with your thoughts on the JVR Solar Project to the Planning Commissioners hearing visit here.

The e-comment period closes at July 9 at 8 a.m.

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