Bill Walton volunteers with The Lucky Duck Foundation to help San Diego’s homeless crisis

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Just by driving around San Diego County, it easy to recognize that the homeless crisis has grown out-of-control.

It wasn’t always this bad, but new political leadership and policies have created an environment that allows people to live on our streets.

The leaders of The Lucky Duck Foundation say allowing people to live on the streets isn’t just a homeless crisis, it is also a humanitarian crisis, among many other things.

They were unhappy with our elected leaders lack of action in fixing these crises, which led their leadership in partnership with San Diego icon Bill Walton, to hold a powerful press conference to publicly call out Mayor Todd Gloria for his failures to lead “our once great city.”

Mayor Todd Gloria hasn’t exactly been willing to partner with The Lucky Duck Foundation to fix the issue impacting our city, but The Lucky Duck Foundation isn’t slowing down in their efforts to fix the issue.

Wednesday, The Lucky Duck Foundation’s food & water outreach program surpassed 1,500,000 meals, and celebrated their achievement by providing breakfast for all of their outreach workers, volunteers, donors, and Feeding San Diego’s team.

Bill Walton was there volunteering, and told KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon on Good Morning San Diego that the people of San Diego want to help, and are helping, but they can’t fix the problem alone.

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Bill Walton’s full speech from September’s Lucky Duck Foundation press conference is below:

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