BIO Chairman extremely disappointed by President Biden’s waive of vaccine patent protections

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As COVID-19 cases surge in parts of the world such as India, many have called on President Biden to waive COVID-19 vaccine patents, effectively sharing the secret sauce.

Advocates for the move have said that the waive would allow other countries to produce them on their own and vaccinate more people, dissenters are saying the waive comes with a variety of unintended consequences.

Dr. Jeremy Levin, Chairman of BIO—the global Biotechnology Innovation Organization, joined KUSI’s Logan Byrnes to discuss the patent waiver.

“Patents are an essential part of innovation,” Dr. Jeremy Levin said.

Dr. Jeremy Levin gave his own alternative solution which was to take down the restrictions on export, increase the production in this country, and sell it at a price that people abroad can afford, and ensure that those countries have the ability to get enough shots into arms.

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