Ginger Jeffries

If you’re going to ask her “where’s Gilligan?”  she’ll answer, “aboard a tiny ship..” and then keep singing that famous 1960’s TV series theme song.  Yes, with a name like Ginger you have to have a personality.  But wait, there’s more…

Ginger Jeffries joined the KUSI family in February 2018.  Her first days in America’s Finest city date back to Tenochca Hall at San Diego State University.  Graduating with a degree in Journalism, Ginger started her broadcast career anchoring in Eureka, California.  Quickly she moved to Palm Springs, where she spent more than 20 years serving her community at ABC and NBC network affiliates.  Along the way, Ginger earned multiple Emmy awards and was recognized as Best TV Personality more than a dozen times.  She has interviewed US Presidents, Queens of the Middle East and sporting greats.  However, professional highlights at the top of Ginger’s list involve giving back to her community by honoring our Military, Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters. Thank you for your service!

The family cast includes her “Skipper” (husband) Bryan,  “Shining Star” (daughter) Chloé and “Pied Piper” (son) Weston.  Along with a couple of mascots named Maui and Roxy.

So sit right back and enjoy a tale or two from our very own Ginger mornings on this not-s0-desert isle.

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