Bishop Arthur Hodges hosting a prayer demonstration outside County Administration Building

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The San Diego County Board of Supervisors is considering opening the County’s parks to “Worship and Workouts.”

Since Governor Gavin Newsom has banned all indoor services for places of worship, worshipers have been looking for out of the box ways to continue services.

Senior Pastor of the South Bay Pentecostal Church, Rev. Art Hodges III, believes the church in America is under attack. The South Bay United Pentecostal Church has filed multiple complaints challenging California’s COVID-19 restrictions to resume in-person worship.

They lost their first Supreme Court case, and then filed an amended complaint.

In the meantime, the Pastor has organized a nation-wide prayer rally in direct support for the lawsuit. The Prayer Faith and Freedom rally is scheduled for August 9, 2020 at 3:00 P.M.

Bishop Hodges says the event is a free speech event, since “America was founded upon the religious liberty to worship the God of the Bible freely, the boundaries of which are now being challenged and defined arbitrarily by state governors.”

Bishop Hodges discussed the government mandated closure for places of worship, and his upcoming “Prayer, Faith and Freedom Rally” in more detail on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego.

According to the website, organizers are asking everyone to gather at their local city hall, admin building or state capitol. For more information visit:

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