Deals, deals, deals: Black Friday shopping madness

This appears to be the busiest “Black Friday” since the recession began which is an encouraging sign for the Christmas retail season.

KUSI's Ed Lenderman was live in Clairemont Friday night looking first hand at the shopping madness.

Another two days left of the Thanksgiving shopping weekend but the first day, Black Friday, has gotten the bargain-hunting off to a strong start.

Deals, deals, deals, as long as you were willing to brave the cold. From Clairemont to National City, shoppers equipped with blankets, sleeping bags even tents, began lining up in the wee hours to get the deep discounts that have become such a part of Black Friday.

Some stores stayed open on Thanksgiving, or opened at 10PM, others midnight or 3AM.   Meaning if you wanted to make sure you were going to get what you came for you had to be willing to queue up hours and hours before the doors opened.

Another encouraging sign for retailers over the last year is that more shoppers appeared to be buying for themselves, not limiting their purchases to just friends and family.

The holiday retail season officially began with Black Friday, there's a long way to go, but the season appears to be off to a good start.

Although we've been hearing this week that shoppers might be willing to spend a little more this year the unemployment in San Diego remains a big issue and job security is a continuing concern. We're a long way from pre-recession level spending.

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