Blue Bell surprises KUSI by sending ice cream all the way to San Diego for National Weatherpersons Day

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Every year, National Weatherpersons Day is celebrated on February 5th to honor all individuals in the fields of meteorology, weather forecasting, and broadcast meteorology.

As you may know, KUSI’s Hunter Sowards and Mark Mathis both lived in Texas before moving to San Diego, and they love their Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Last week, Hunter was telling the KUSI newsroom how Blue Bell would send cartons of ice cream to her old station every National Weatherpersons Day. Sure enough, KUSI’s Mark Mathis walked in the door and confirmed what Hunter was saying.

During his first weather hit, Mark Mathis asked Blue Bell for some ice cream to celebrate, even though he lives in San Diego.

Mark Mathis tweeted Blue Bell that portion of the broadcast writing, “Hey @ILoveBlueBell, there are weather people in #SanDiego especially here @KUSINews. I mean it is written in the Bible, in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and Blue Bell!”

Sure enough, Tuesday morning, a package filled with Blue Bell Ice Cream arrived in San Diego at the KUSI News studio for Mark Mathis.



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