BMX Rider back on the bike after brain tumor

Josh Perry is a professional BMX Athlete who transcends gravity for a living, completing death-defying tricks with ease. However, Josh’s bravery goes far beyond his work on the track: he has survived multiple brain tumors and continues to fight for his life.

Josh has competed in multiple events from the X Games to the Dew Action Sports Tour. But his years of experience on the course didn’t prepare him for the news he received in March 2010: an MRI showed a mass taking up the entire left side of his brain. The tumor lay on a major artery in his brain. The surgery was such high risk that if one doctor made even the slightest error, he would become paralyzed – or die.

The surgery – an open craniotomy – was a success and Josh was back on his bike just over a month later. However, two years later he found out that he had two more brain tumors. This time, Josh underwent radiation therapy with Gamma Knife, eventually returning to the BMX competition circuit in record time. He placed 10th overall in the world in the 2016 UCI x Fise World Cup Series.
Today, Josh is on a mission to share his story. With his experiences battling brain tumors and countless injuries, Josh became passionate towards learning about food and the correlation to our health and wellbeing. In February of 2014, Josh enrolled in the world’s largest nutrition program, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In February of 2015, Josh completed the program to earn a certification as a Holistic Health Coach to further his efforts in sharing information with others and helping them achieve their goals with their health and wellbeing.

In addition, he launched to share his story and founded the Josh Perry Foundation as a way to help others. He feels as if he’s been given a second chance and takes advantage of every opportunity to compete, travel, perform and give back to the community.

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