Board of Education Board Member says High School Seniors deserve to be recognized with formal graduation event

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Over 100 formal written requests from parents were emailed to the San Diego County Board of Education supporting formal senior high school graduations.

For some Seniors, they will be the first in their family to have ever graduated from high school, and their families deserve to celebrate at a formal graduation ceremony.

Of the 500,000 students in San Diego County there are less than 300 confirmed cases of coronavirus between the ages of 0-19 and Zero deaths in this age group, so the risks are minimal.

COVID-19 forced San Diego County high school seniors to give up their Prom, Grad Night, Awards Night, Sports, Senior Commit Day and other end of the year events that shapes their high school senior experience…they deserve at least one event.

If Seniors can work at fast food restaurants, go to grocery stores, Walmart, Target, Home depot, and jog on the beach, they should also be allowed sit in a chair in the middle of a football field to be publicly recognized for their achievements.

San Diego County Board of Education Board Member, Mark Powell, discussed why he supports having a formal graduation ceremony for local seniors on Good Morning San Diego.

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