Body found in Julian near campsite where woman went missing

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The two month mystery involving the whereabouts of a missing woman with Alzheimer’s is closer to a solution. On Thursday, Bob Estabrook and the Sheriff’s investigators confirmed the remains of 75-year-old Sally Estabrook.

It took dental records to positively identify the 75-year-old woman from Fallbrook. Sally’s skeletal remains were found Wednesday, not far from the Julian camp where she suddenly vanished last month.

Sheriff’s Department found Sally’s remains on a brushy hillside behind a home in Julian, just half-a-mile from the RV park and campground where Sally Estabrook was last seen on October 4th.

The clothing, the same worn by the Alzheimer’s patient on the day she wandered away.

Sheriff’s investigators say there is no appearance of foul play.

No one held out more hope than Sally’s husband Bob, who had taken his wife camping that weekend.

In a phone call, Bob told KUSI, “My prayers have been answered, but this is not the way I wanted it to end.”

In an interview with KUSI last month, Bob said Sally had wandered away when he had dozed off for a brief nap.

Now, there is certainty. After such an exhaustive search, it turns out Sally Estabrook was not far away.

Bob told KUSI on Thursday, “not knowing has not allowed me to proceed.”

Still there are so many questions.

The initial search involved deputies from four different law enforcement agencies, hundreds of volunteers, and a very broad area. Yet, it took almost eight weeks to find Sally Estabrook’s body.

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