‘Bolder Than Most’ rapist Alvin Quarles to go before an appeals court Thursday

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Alvin Quarles is a convicted rapist, sexually violent predator and dubbed the “bolder than most rapist,” and now he’s referred to as a patient, not an inmate, because of the therapy program he’s in. The question is: Does this therapy work?

Last fall, San Diego County Superior Court Judge David M. Gill ordered that Alvin Ray Quarles, 56, be released to a home in Jacumba Hot Springs, a decision that prosecutors, along with county Supervisor Dianne Jacob, requested that Gill reconsider.

Quarles was released to a state hospital to undergo sex offender treatment. He has not completed that program but has been granted release.

This Thursday, we will learn from the appeals court the next step in this case – including if Quarles could be a free man.