Bonus Pay Waiting for Veterans

On this Veterans Day, what better way to pay tribute than to remind some veterans that they have money waiting for them and if they don't act soon they will miss out.  There is a half billion dollars of bonus pay still unclaimed and the deadline to get it is December 3, 2010.

 Hundreds of thousands of men and women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and when their tours were up, many got the bad news.  They were handed another set of orders sending them right back into battle.  It was hard and heartbreaking for many.  It is called the “stop-loss” policy.  It allows the military to cancel your release and force you to take an involuntary extension of active duty. 

 In order to soften the blow, the government offered these men and woman a special bonus.  They are entitled to up to $500 a month for each month or partial month they served past their initial enlistment period.  It did not take away the emotional pain of having to go back to war, but it did signal an appreciation of the sacrifice.

 Now, we are just a few weeks away from the extended deadline to claim these “stop-loss” bonuses and more than half of those eligible have still not applied for the month, and it's a lot of money.  If you had your tour extended 15 months, it could mean an extra government check for $7500.  That will really help for the holidays!  Most of those who still have money waiting will get checks of about $3800. 

 So, as we honor our Veterans, let's also remind them that there is money waiting for some of them.  The Pentagon suggests a visit to to find out more and get an application.  You earned the money, you made the sacrifice. 


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