Border Patrol discovers narcotics inside spare tire

SAN CLEMENTE (KUSI) — San Diego Sector Border Patrol agents arrested two men yesterday after agents uncovered three-quarters of a million dollars’ worth of heroin and cocaine inside a spare tire.

At approximately 9:30 a.m., agents noticed a 2004 Mazda 3 on the shoulder of the road just south of the Interstate 5 checkpoint. The driver opened his trunk, was occupied for several minutes, then shut the trunk and drove to the I-5 checkpoint.

Agents at the checkpoint questioned the driver and his male passenger and then referred them for a cursory inspection in secondary.

A K-9 in secondary produced a positive alert to the car.  A search of the vehicle yielded nothing.  However, agents and the K-9 team drove to the area where the man had pulled over onto the shoulder of Interstate 5.

Agents located the man’s spare tire on the shoulder of the road.  It had 30.42 pounds of heroin and 23.48 pounds of cocaine inside.  This included 10 bundles of brown heroin, two bundles of black tar heroin, and nine bundles of cocaine.  The 21 bundles of narcotics have an estimated street value of $781,520.

The men, both 22-years-old and U.S. citizens, and the narcotics were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration.  The vehicle was seized by the U.S. Border Patrol.

In fiscal year 2014, San Diego Sector intercepted 9,204 ounces of heroin, which was an increase of 45.4 percent from the prior year, and intercepted more than 1,697 pounds of cocaine, which was an increase of 105 percent.

To prevent the illicit smuggling of humans, drugs, and other contraband, the U.S. Border Patrol maintains a high level of vigilance on corridors of egress away from our Nation’s borders.  To report suspicious activity to the U.S. Border Patrol, contact San Diego Sector at (619) 498-9900.

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