Border patrol learns cross-border groom is convicted drug smuggler


SAN YSIDRO (KUSI) — At a time when tension at the Mexican border is at an all-time high, it was supposed to be a gesture of good will. An American man marries a Mexican woman at an opening in the wall known as the “Door of Hope.”

It’s the first time this has ever happened and organizers were selling it as “love has no borders.”

As it turns out, there’s more to the story, a much darker side.

Little did border patrol agents know, the groom is a convicted drug smuggler. Brian Houston plead guilty to smuggling 120-pounds of hard drugs from Tijuana into the San Diego back in February.

“That’s 40-pounds of heroin, 40-pounds of meth and 40-pounds of coke,” said Chris Harris of the National Border Patrol Council 1613. “We feel sucker punched. We feel like we became security guards at a cartel wedding.”

The wedding was arranged and promoted by a human rights groups called “Border Angels.” The head of the Border Angels said he knew Brian Houston had “legal troubles,” but denied knowing he was a drug smuggler. Enrique Morones said the Border Patrol should have done a better background check.

Either way, the couple is now married and living on different sides of the border.

Come January, Brian Houston will likely be moving from San Diego. Unless he’s cut a deal with the feds, he’s facing 20-years in federal prison for smuggling 120-pounds of hard drugs.

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