Border Patrol seizes record amounts of deadly drugs at Border

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – While most of the attention has been focused on illegal immigration, something much more sinister has been happening at the border.

The Drug Cartels have been producing record amounts of deadly drugs and the Border Patrol has been taking it away in record numbers.

“I think the Border Patrol has a massive job and i’m just glad they’re out there,” says Mike Ferguson, a Medical Tourist from Atlanta.

According to the newest numbers, cocaine, heroin, meth and the most deadly of all Fentanyl is being confiscated in numbers never seen before.

The Fentanyl went from 1,400 pounds in 2017, to 2,400 pounds in 2018, a 70% increase.

While a couple grains of Fentanyl can kill you, the Cartels are lacing it with heroin to create the most deadly cocktail on earth.

“My husband died of a heroin overdose, so did my sister in law. This stuff is coming across and it’s killing people,” says Sandy Ackre from Seattle.

Along with tons of deadly drugs, the Border Patrol also confiscated $106 million in dirty drug money, 2,463 illegal weapons and enough ammunition to kill a quarter of a million people.

Full CBP Border Security Report:

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