Born legally blind, San Diego teen can now see with eSight glasses

Joel Gomez is a 14-year-old from San Diego who was born legally blind, but with the of eSight glasses he can actually see.

Now, Joel is teaming up with the company to help other children living with vision loss see their loved ones for the first time.

eSight is a breakthrough pair of electronic glasses that help individuals living with visual impairment to actually see.

Joel is now looking to give the ultimate gift and pay sight forward, by helping 13 other visually impaired children see their loved ones this Father’s Day (June 17th). He is seeking to raise $130,000 during this campaign which is the amount needed for all of these children to get eSight.

To find out how you can contribute to this campaign and help a child see their loved ones in time for Father’s Day, visit

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