Borrego Springs reacts to judge releasing sex offender into community

“It’s not if it happens again, it’s when it happens again,” proclaimed County Supervisor Bill Horn in a responsive warning to a Superior Court judge’s ruling to approve the placement of California’s soon-to-be-released sex offender. The focus of the debate: 63-year-old Terry Stone, convicted three times for lewd and lascivious acts against five children ages 6 to 15. The state of California has labeled him a violent sex predator. He served time in prison and then the state mental hospital, and next month, he’s scheduled to be released to live in the tiny town of Borrego Springs. The people who live there staged a protest when they heard the news. Their county supervisor spoke out:

“I’m sorry, the judge ruled that way. I was at the hearing and I said (Borrego Springs) was just an improper community to put this guy.”

Horn says he doesn’t just object to Stone’s residence in Borrego Springs, he objects to Stone being released at all.

“He doesn’t have a questionable record, he has an absolute record. I’m just sorry that they’re putting a criminal like this in that community. It’s a rural community, it’s a small community, everybody knows everyone and I don’t think it’s going to be a good placement for him – period. I think it’s going to be a mistake. He should be in housed at Donovan (Correctional Facility), some place where they have those kinds of folks.”

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