Borrego Springs residents fight placement of two Sexually Violent Predators in their neighborhood

BORREGO SPRINGS (KUSI) – Residents and community members of Borrego Springs are outraged as two Sexually Violent Predators are having placement hearings to be released and placed in their neighborhood.

Placement hearings for both Douglas Badger and Michael Martinez are set to be held this Friday, July 8th.

Martinez was convicted in four separate cases of sexual crimes on a child. He is now 69-years-old.

KUSI’s Teresa Sardina was in Borrego Springs speaking with residents about what they are doing to prevent the placement of Martinez and Badger into their neighborhood.

Betty Dean, lives next door to the home being proposed for Martinez, and is concerned there are too many kids in the area for someone like Martinez to be placed there. Other residents explained nobody came by the area to see who lives around the house, or how many kids live nearby.

Retired Clinical Psychologist Sarah Rogers, says that “Liberty Healthcare is out to find a landlord who is willing to rent a house, and the landlords here have never been to Borrego Springs, and we’ve confirmed that with the realtors. They have no familiarity with the area at all, they’ve bought this and another property with the intent of renting them to house sexually violent predators because they can rent them for three to five times more than the average rental.”

Wednesday on Good Morning San Diego, Sarah Thompson urged the audience to speak up and prevent the placement of Martinez and Badger in Borrego Springs. Thompson emphasized the importance of submitting comments about the placement, and they will be accepted from July 8 to July 22.

The proposal would place Douglas Badger into a home at 1619 Zuni

To submit a comment on the placement of these Sexually Violent Predators, call (858) 583-7238 or email

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