San Diego’s “new” City Council

There's a new political dynamic on the San Diego City Council. Two new council members were sworn in Monday and Tony Young was elevated to Council President.

KUSI's Steve Bosh has been following these changes and tells us what we can start to expect form this council.

The new members were sworn in at Golden Hall this Monday morning, and welcomed by Mayor Jerry Sanders saying the voters have chosen wisely.

Lori Zapf joins two other Republicans, and David Alvarez from district 8 joins the Democrat majority on the council.

Our first indication of where this council is headed came early on; before Tony Young was elected President, when Kevin Faulconer was Presiding, Council Members Carl DeMaio and Lori Zapf offered a motion to re-consider the council's override vote on Walmart.

As acting President, Kevin Faulconer directed it be put it on the docket. “I respect the wishes to docket this at future meeting and if a new Council President decides to change his/her mind that will be how we move forward,” Faulconer said.

When Tony Young took the President's chair the council took up the Mayor's request to outsource IT Services to save 10-million dollars. That item was bogged down for more than 3-hours because council members were skeptical of the entire process.

Earlier Monday, new member Lori Zapf said she would “join those who would advance reforms, solid reforms. We don't know what the best ones are right now, that's still to be determined, but the one thing we absolutely have to do is act.”

The first session of this new council got off to a slow start. All of the council members have said they are committed to implementing reforms but if Monday was any indication outsourcing remains stalled.

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