Waterfront redevelopment

There's a growing spirit of optimism that the transformation of San Diego's waterfront may finally get off the dime. Opponents of the project have now become supporters, greatly increasing the chance the coastal commission will give its blessing in April. KUSI's Steve Bosh reports on the details.

The project is in the first phase of the North Embarcadero visionary plan that will change the appearance and character of the waterfront from Broadway North to Grape Street. There will be an esplanade on the water side of Harbor Drive, a two acre park on the city side of Harbor Drive, and more open space to follow.

“This process has been over 10-years in the making to open up this waterfront, tear up this concrete, plant trees, pedestrian promenades, we're that close to the finish line, and I'm confident we are going to be successful,” said City Councilmember Kevin Faulconer of the redevelopment project.

What's been holding up the project of late is the new cruise ship terminal. It wiped out an oval park that was to straddle the Broadway Pier, and months of negotiations to replace that oval park with another park at Lane Field.

Months of negotiations came up with the compromise involving the city, CCDC, the port, the activists and the unions. Some of the project opponents are now supporting the revised project.

Lane Field Developers gave up that land during negotiations with the hope that the Navy will sell, or otherwise free up a parcel of land north of the Holiday Inn.

Still, with everyone else going to Coastal Commission speaking with one voice to get a permit, the recent additional appeals may not be enough to scuttle the coastal commission permit.

So the next stop is the Coastal Commission. The commission is set to meet April 13th up in Santa Barbara.

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