Jerry Brown’s vision for California in 2011

Next Monday our new Governor, Jerry Brown, will lay out his vision for California in his inaugural address. But what can we expect from his return to the job he once held?

This time will be much more difficult. Californians are in a recession, we have record high unemployment, record budget deficits, and a legislature totally out of favor with the public.

We got an indication of what the new Jerry Brown wants to do when he announced his candidacy several months ago. “At this stage of my life I'm prepared to focus on nothing else but fixing this state I love,” Said Jerry Brown.

Brown's governing principals include telling the truth, “no more smoke and mirrors on the budget, no more puffy slogan's and platitudes,” said Brown.

As for tax increases, he says there will be no new taxes unless the people vote for them.

Local Republicans, including Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, want to see bold, substantial reforms that will change almost every aspect of state government. “Governor Brown has an opportunity to step forward and really be bold and really project this vision for where we need to go as a state, these are solutions that 20 or 30 years from now people are gonna say that was the right thing to do,” said Fletcher.

Political Consultant Larry Remer says legislators and the public will give Brown the benefit of the doubt, initially, but how he handles the budget will define his second time around.

Brown will definitely have more problems with members of his own party than with Republicans.
The Republicans will closely monitor Brown's inaugural address to see his plans on how to restructure the state operates, if he proposes a real conversation about obligations, and how we being to address those important topics.

When the speeches are done, will Sacramento change its ways or will Brown gather up those legislators who want to move forward and build a winning coalition for change.

Jerry Brown will be sworn in at Sacramento's Memorial Auditorium at 11am Monday, January 3, 2011, followed by hot dogs on the Capitol steps. After his first inaugural back in 1978 he went to a Chinese restaurant.

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