Gov. Brown state budget battle continues

Governor Jerry Brown used all of his political skills Wednesday to get 54 votes in the Assembly to kill redevelopment agencies but he came up a vote short, and that's where the day ended.
That was round one. Round two began Thursday afternoon and KUSI's Steve Bosh has been has been following the meeting and reports on the latest details.

The governor had camped out in the Speaker's office Wednesday, just off the Assembly floor. He summoned legislators one by one to browbeat and twist arms.

The governor did get two Democrats who were on the fence, and one Republican, Chris Norby of Orange County. But it wasn't enough, and he was not happy about it, laying the blame on the Republicans.

The pressure from the governor Thursday was being applied to Assemblyman Alan Monsoor of Orange County, if he folds redevelopment agencies may die.

Republicans have been successful in blocking the effort to kill redevelopment agencies. In fact, they object to the entire budget process saying its deja vu, relying on borrowing and gimmicks.

Redevelopment is one of the two major battles over this budget, and there is a major opposition to killing these agencies from big city mayors, including Jerry Sanders,

“One vote is a pretty slim margin, so I'm not as hopeful as I could be but I know that we have alternatives up three, there's at least 2 or 3 alternatives that either the mayor's have given or the California Redevelopment Association,” said Mayor Sanders.

The other challenge is the tax issue. This is more favorable to the Republicans. The governor needs 4-of them to put the tax extensions on the ballot. So far, he doesn't have any. Republicans do not want to be a part of a bipartisan budget that includes tax hikes.

They have gone along with cuts, but going along on taxes, they feel, would help the Democrats if the tax issue makes it to the ballot.

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