Current poll shows Prop D falling behind in popularity

We're a week away from the election and Prop D, the half-cent sales tax increase, appears to be in trouble. The latest poll shows it's several points behind where it needs to be.

A poll from the Union-Tribune from a week ago shows 40.6% of 400 registered adults are in favor of Prop D and an equal number, 40.4% are against it.  The remainder are undecided. The results indicated trouble ahead for the prop. The more people know about it the less likely they are to support it.

The strategy of the “Yes on D” campaign is to give voters a choice: either suffer more deep cuts to public safety or pass the tax.

Opponents of Prop D say this has been a scare campaign that comes down to a matter of whom do you believe, and whom do you trust.

This campaign has brought to the surface the distrust and the resentment between these two adversaries. The pension issue for San Diego City Council members is a good example.

Then there was the issue of the Mayor reversing himself, and owning up to initiating the back door discussions that led to the cap being lifted for CCDC.

A majority of the Council and the Mayor have made it very clear by their votes and past actions that public safety is San Diego's top priority. City Councilmember Todd Gloria said, “if Prop D passes public safety is saved.”

Lani Lutar, President and CEO of the San Diego County Taxpayers Association, said it was those “past actions” that she's worried about and said the reforms tied to the tax could have been done years ago but council dragged its feet, and now it wants a tax increase.



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