San Diego’s relief organizations on their way to aid Japan

San Diego's relief organizations have mobilized, and our military ships are headed to Japan to help with the relief efforts. KUSI's Steve Bosh has the latest on the relief aid headed for Japan.

The Red Cross has highly trained volunteers on standby, ready to ship out at a moment's notice.

Shortly after the earthquake and tsunami hit the Japanese Island the defense department ordered Navy ships on deployment in the pacific ocean to proceed towards Japan.

One of those happened to be San Diego Based USS Ronald Reagan. Commander Greg Hicks says the American military has a very robust and capable force in Japan that will be assisting as well.

This military assets can provide assistance that is vitally needed during a disaster. Such as helicopters to help move equipment, people, technicians, doctors, and water from ship to shore.

Relief organizations like the Red Cross also mobilized early, and are on standby in case they're called upon to help. They have over 200 disaster response trained volunteers here in San Diego, and all of them are standing by at a moment's call if they are needed.

Meantime, for Japanese Americans living in San Diego who need to contact family members, friends and other relatives in Japan, the Red Cross can help.

Joe Craver with San Diego Red Cross said to stay tuned to their website which is because their updating important information on the latest of what's happening in Japan and how they can help Americans contact loved ones.

In disasters like this, the Red Cross, and other relief organizations need cash donations. You can donate money specifically for this disaster, or you can donate to the Red Cross disaster relief fund, which is preferred.

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