KUSI Exclusive: D.A. Bonnie Dumanis will run for mayor in 2012

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis made it official on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego Thursday, she's running for Mayor. KUSI's Steve Bosh reports on this KUSI exclusive.

Dumanis has been a frequent guest on Good Morning San Diego and Thursday she told us she's informed her supporters, friends and others in the community that's she's a candidate.

“It's a good time in terms of my leadership at the District Attorney's office having changed, and turned around an organization that was in trouble,” said Dumanis.

Dumanis has a lengthy resume of public service as a juvenile court referee, a municipal court judge, a superior court judge, as a deputy district attorney, our current district attorney, and serves on several boards and associations.

“The skills that I've learned fro many years of public service, now, will fare well, and do well for the city, that's why I'd like to do this,” said Dumanis.

Bonnie has been a close confidant of Mayor Jerry Sanders and he says that she would make a good candidate, “I think Bonnie will be a good candidate, I think there's others who will be also,” said Mayor Sanders.

It's early, so the Mayor is not yet ready to endorse. “At some point I probably will, I would imagine that I'll wait to see until the field fills out and that probably won't be until the June time frame,” said Sanders.

We haven't seen a crowded field like this in more than a decade. Political consultants are beside themselves.

“This is like San Diego's greatest soap opera, who's gonna be the mayor,” said Political Consultant Larry Remer.

“There will be two (candidates) from the city council, Carl DeMaio and Kevin Faulconer, you have Nathan Fletcher who has prominence with Chelsea's Law,” said Political Consultant John Dadian.

Remer adds, “I've heard that Bob Filner is running, (and) Chris Kehoe has been making noises about running.”

Other names include Port Chairman Scott Peters, and businessman Steve Francis.

These political consultants say Dumanis is probably the strongest out of the gate, she's the only one elected county wide, she has name recognition, a good record and announcing early is part of her strategy.

“We all bring different things to the table but if you look at all of those folks what you'll see is I'm the only one that has actually proven leadership and management,” said Dumanis.

But in a primary, with low voter turnout, and several candidates it won't take that much to get to the runoff.

“Because it is a large field even the top two people will only probably get 10-to-15-percent, with that lower percentage to get into the runoff, anybody can win,” says Dadian.

And remember, both Susan Golding and Dick Murphy finished second in the primary, and both won in November.    

So far the only two who have committed publicly to run are Bonnie Dumanis and City Councilmember Carl DeMaio.

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