Downtown library funding: Time is running out

Time is running out to raise the 30-million dollars still needed to finish the downtown central library. What happens if the money is not raised? KUSI's Steve Bosh has been following this story and reports on the answer.

Right now it looks like we'll have a new central library building at the end of next year but we still won't have a central library.

Construction of the new library building began last August, and the work is right on schedule to be completed in January of 2013.

Including two levels of underground parking, the money was in hand to construct the building. But we only had promises that 32-million dollars to complete the interior of the building, would be raised privately; no tapping into the general fund.

Once construction began the fundraisers assured everyone that doners would come forward once they could see that the library was actually being built. But it hasn't happened.

Since construction began seven months ago private donations have totaled only 2.7-million dollars, another 30-million is needed over the next 10-months or we end up with a library building but no library.

A statement from the mayor's office says no general fund dollars will be used to outfit the library. Saying that the interior will be completed in phases with money available from private donations.

Finally, the school district. It is expecting a completed building to house its new charter school for the 20- million dollars it is contributing to the library.

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