Bounty offered on North Park assailant

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Community leader Mark Arabo, appearing on Good Morning San Diego Tuesday, talked about his decision to partner with the San Diego Crimestoppers to offer a bounty on the assailant who has attacked women on numerous occasions throughout North Park. This last weekend, yet another female was brutally beaten by this assailant. Arabo hopes to use this reward to finally bring this man to justice.

This is the second time Arabo has partnered with Crimestoppers, the first being the Heather Mattia Cold Case.

In an earlier statement, Arabo said: “Self-defense classes and pepper spray purchases, while important, are merely short term preventative measures to a real crisis in our community. Our city has a moral obligation to the public to ensure their safety and security. We must not spare any expense to protect our city’s women. The least we can guarantee them is their ability to walk our streets safely.”

Mark Arabo spoke with San Diego CrimeStoppers Tuesday and after discussion, believed it would be best to make the reward $10,000. Any amount over $10,000 would result in having to release the individuals name due to IRS compliance. Because of this, the reward contribution stands at $10,000 and not $15,000 as an initial release stated. 

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