Breakdown of Obamacare numbers post-deadline


The White House can thank a last minute surge of people logging on to sign up for the Affordable Care Act for hitting their target number. So yes, health care has changed for millions of Americans, but there are still a lot of questions left unanswered. This is a hot political issue with many republicans saying this isn't a victory at all.
According to a Rand study, 858,000 people are pure Obamacare: previously uninsured Americans who signed up. There are other categories with number that have not been released by the White House. They include those who has some insurance, but opted into Obamacare for better coverage; those who had health insurance, but lost it or felt their premiums were too high, so they opted in; and those with no insurance who cannot afford Obamacare and are now on the state rolls.
More questions: how many who signed up have premiums? Some are guessing up to 30% of people haven't even written a check. Another: how many younger people signed up? Those people are crucial for making the program work for the elderly. Health insurance expert Craig Gussin said that 7.1 million is a false number. 

“Yes they signed up, but how many people signed up got the insurance because they know they have a health condition? They're going to get their health condition fixed, and they're going to drop it.”

When the president started this campaign, there were more than 48 million Americans without health care coverage. As of today, there are still 40 million people without health insurance. The bottom line: if you have to go to the hospital and you have no insurance, they cannot turn you down; they have to treat you, it's the law.


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