Breaking Away Award of Excellence: Bright Future Foundation

A San Diego woman is helping people in need, especially women to feel better about themselves by providing them with free makeovers.

For several years, Vl Fanai has been trying to help people feel better about themselves.

It’s a day of beauty for women and children of domestic violence, even for those who are homeless throughout San Diego County.

Vl Fanai is the driving force behind the Bright Future Foundation.

"How wonderful it is to see someone in the grocery store.  They come and say ‘I know you! You gave me a hair cut a long time ago! You and your group. That was the first time I’ve gotten a hair cut from a professional. Oh my gosh,’" she said.

Her passion to help survivors of domestic violence comes from her own family experience.

"Back in 2006, my granddaughter was taken away due to domestic violence happening between the parents," she said. "Followed by my grandson at the foster care and after that … I really asked God to help me help those teenagers mothers and their children to stay together."

Fanai said she’s been through a lot of heart ache, but has learned to channel the tragedy of her past into something positive.

She now puts her focus on those who need help.

"Her passion is to find her own unique way to impact lives and so what I love about VL, she discovered what she brings to the world and she tapped into that to help others," said Shannon Rodrigue, a Bright Future Foundation volunteer. "She and our team go to shelters, homeless shelters, shelters of domestic violence and bring them a day of beauty. Beauticians came in and hair cuts, manicures, pedicures, thing to help them on the outside while they try to rebuild on the inside."

Vl Fanai is a standout, no doubt.

"She has inspired so many people to be better people by what she does in the community," said Valerie Hilferty, a volunteer.

And her contribution to the community is why KUSI and Torrey Pines Bank have selected her as the recipient of the "Breaking Away Award of Excellence."

" I don’t want this to be about me, I want this to be for those survivors as well as the victims of domestic violence. So many women and children are suffering," Vl said.

She’s humbled and honored to receive the award and now that the Bright Future Foundation is an official non-profit organization, she has a message for you.

"I need you all to help us get to the next level and you can do that by becoming a member today."

Viewers interested in getting involved with the Bright Future Foundation should please inquire at

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