Breaking Away Award of Excellence: Leading Legacies, Inc.

KUSI News and Torrey Pines Bank (TPB) are pleased to honor our second winner of the Breaking Away Award of Excellence to a local, philanthropically-driven organization, the Leading Legacies, Inc. This establishment is made up of a small group of women who dedicate their time to teaching children how to read. It stood out to San Diego County employee, Hope Robinson, who nominated the organization, and is on the Board of Directors of Leading Legacies along with 6 other women.

Hope recognized that helping children 7 to 14 years old build their literacy, critical thinking skills and self-esteem are key to growing our future generation. It succeeds in doing this everyday by “ensuring the success of future generations by increasing literacy and awakening the student to a whole and complete understanding of books through cultural awareness and perspective.”

Leading Legacies has partnered with, The Dr. Seuss Foundation, The San Diego Foundation, The Donegan Burns Foundation, The San Diego Council on Literacy and San Diego Gas & Electric, all of whom generously support programs to provide the necessary literacy skills to these children.  This support provides computer-aided learning, self-monitoring and tracking progress with proven results in 8 to 12 weeks.

For more information on how to get involved with, donate or volunteer at the Leading Legacies, Inc. visit or Like them on Facebook!

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