Breaking Away Award of Excellence: Veterans Community Connection

Things just got a whole lot better for Military veterans and their families in San Diego.

There’s a new way to help these families transition after service to civilian life and those behind the program are being honored with this week’s Breaking Away Award of Excellence.

211 San Diego is home base.

"We actually had a veteran family that was looking for someone to patch up their roof and it was during the heavy rain a few weeks ago.  We were able to get them connected with a roofer who offered services at at discounted price," said Megan Storer of 211 San Diego.

A new nonprofit initiative called, "Veterans Community Connection" or VCC is already proving to help veterans and their families.

Here’s how it works. A veteran family calls 211.

"VCC provides a place where they can call and get connected to services they otherwise might not find in a social spectrum that could be looking for financial support, or education, guidance or where can I volunteer … Anything from looking for a plumber, or where can I put my kids in soccer that is near my home," Storer said.

The VCC dispatcher or connector, as they’re called, then calls up one of the many people who have volunteered to hep veterans or organizations dedicated to help Military servicemembers and their families.

One organization helping out in the initiative is the Veteran’s Coalition.

"The San Diego Veterans Coalition is an organization comprised of 140 groups here in San Diego County that provides services to vets and their families," said Bob Muth, San Diego Veteran’s Coalition Chairman.

The program is win/win.

Military families are being assisted and VCC is providing the community with the opportunity to volunteer and give back.

"Veterans Community Connect provides a platform for folks who want tot say ‘thank you for your service’ .. Anyone looking to get involved with  Veterans Community Connect can go online and register their business or as an individual," Storer said.

"We have 4 main leads.  Lead partners at  Veterans Community Connect — the county, The Chamber of Commerce, the San Diego Vet Coalition and 211 San Diego," Storer added.

All these groups are helping VCC help others and their collaborative contribution to the community is why KUSI and Torrey Pines Bank have selected Veterans as the recipient of the Breaking Away Award of Excellence.

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