Breitbart News Editor-In-Chief calls out The Atlantic for publishing false story about President Trump

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Atlantic recently published an article titled, “Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’” claiming President Trump disparaged United States Service Members killed in World War I.

The article alleged that the president referred to slain American soldiers buried at a French Cemetery as, “losers” and “suckers” during a trip to France in 2018. The story used solely anonymous sources to back up its claims, and President Trump has been adamant that it is false.

Since the story was published less than a week ago, many people who were with President Trump on that 2018 trip to France have come forward denying that the incident occurred at all.

The Trump campaign has released a list of 21 government officials, 14 from the Paris trip, who spoke on the record refuting the anonymous sources in the false story from The Atlantic.

Trump’s former National Security Advisor John Bolton, who is not the biggest fan of Trump, was among the officials who refuted the claim. Bolton told Fox News, “I didn’t hear either of those comments or anything even resembling them. I was there at the point in time that morning when it was decided that he would not go Aisne-Marne cemetery. He decided not to do it because of John Kelly’s recommendation. It was entirely a weather-related decision, and I thought the proper thing to do.”

Zach Fuentes, Former White House Deputy Chief of Staff to Gen. John Kelly, John Kelly’s top aide, also strongly refuted to Breitbart News saying, “I did not hear POTUS call anyone losers when I told him about the weather. Honestly, do you think General Kelly would have stood by and let ANYONE call fallen Marines losers?”

Furthermore, in a Breitbart News exclusive, the U.S. Ambassador to France and Monaco, Jamie McCourt, said The Atlantic story about President Donald Trump is untrue. McCourt was with the president, and she confirmed that the story is false.

“Needless to say, I never spoke to the Atlantic, and I can’t imagine who would,” McCourt told Breitbart News. “In my presence, POTUS has NEVER denigrated any member of the U.S. military or anyone in service to our country. And he certainly did not that day, either. Let me add, he was devastated to not be able to go to the cemetery at Belleau Wood. In fact, the next day, he attended and spoke at the ceremony in Suresnes in the pouring rain.”

McCourt is the latest official to publicly refute The Atlantic’s story.

Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden is already using the story to denounce President Trump, despite the many accounts of it being false.

So far, a total of 21 people have asserted, on the record, that the story is false while The Atlantic cited 4 anonymous sources who claim the story is true.

Breitbart News Editor-In-Chief, Alex Marlow, joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy on Good Morning San Diego to discuss the controversy surrounding the story, and call out The Atlantic’s editor for allowing the story to be published.


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